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Madagascar honey is a very famous product internationally. Indeed this honey looks good since it is present in many restaurants, shop windows or even Parisian grocery stores. A honey that is characterized by a plurality of flavors typical of Madagascar. So we have for example jujube honey. This honey is a rare and natural monofloral nectar. Its taste is similar to butterscotch. Moreover, this honey is very popular in the countries of northern Africa.


Miel de madagascar au litchi

We can also talk about Litchi honey. This type of honey is quite liquid in texture, and slightly fruity. With its high fructose content, this amber honey will retain its liquidity for a very long time. A rather special honey since it has certain therapeutic virtues. On the one hand, the nectar helps relieve stomach cramps, constipation or even acid reflux. In addition, lychee honey is also a good stimulant which acts positively on your immune system. Among other things, it helps to reduce nervous and physical fatigue.


In addition there are also some other honeys. Indeed, mokrana honey is one of the essential honeys of the island. And for good reason, mokrana honey is very popular for its relaxing characteristics and its positive impact on the intestinal flora. It comes from an endemic tree of Madagascar. Mokarana Honey is a honey unknown to all. It comes from an endemic tree of Madagascar and is slightly fruity. Very popular in Madagascar, Mokarana honey is recognized for its relaxing properties as well as for these benefits on the intestinal flora. A honey that will take you to the other side of the world with its fragrant and tasty aromas.

Miel de madagascar mokrana


miel de madagascar d'eucalyptus

This kind of honey also belongs to the monofloral category. You will certainly have noticed it, but the latter bears the name of the tree on which it is recovered. The uniqueness of this honey lies in its creamy texture and its woody smell. Its aromas are reminiscent of those of mint.

Most of these honeys can be accompanied by a slice of bread or brioche without forgetting the cup of tea. Honeys that will satisfy you both in the morning and in the evening. This list of honeys from Madagascar is not exhaustive.

We could still mention other types of honey because the product is so famous. In fact, every year no less than 13 tons of honey cross the four corners of the world to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.